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The most famous football matches happen every four years, during the FIFA World Cup tournaments. There are no football matches more talked about than the ones where Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo’s teams are up against each other. There is no doubt that these football matches also make a lot of people working behind the scenes very rich.

First Ronaldo And Messi Football Match

Their teams first played against each other in the UEFA Champions League Semi-finals in 2007-2008. Cristiano Ronaldo was playing for Manchester United and Lionel Messi was an athlete for the Barcelona team. The two legendary players were pitted against each other, as they were both already celebrities in their own right.


The football match ended with Cristiano Ronaldo being awarded a Ballon d’Or, establishing his reputation in comparison to Lionel Messi.


How the Rivalry Makes them Better Athletes

The rivalry between the two of this generation’s greatest players have been amplified for the world to see. This means that endorsers behind each player make good money off of the rivalry. When the fans are more intense about their support for their favorite player, more money comes in and the pressure for each player to be better than the other, gets even higher.


Because the whole world is watching and the competition is between just two people, it is undeniable that each of them will do what it takes to be the one hailed as the world’s greatest football player.